Are you a passionate fan of the round ball? Do you enjoy exploring online betting options? Are you curious about what Clean Sheet bets are and how to participate in this type of bet? Let's follow wintips to read the article below and gather useful information!
1. What is Clean Sheet bet?
Clean Sheet bet, also known as "kèo giữ sạch lưới" in Vietnamese, is a type of side bet that often appears in special matches. It can be challenging to spot Clean Sheet bets in regular betting markets, and it's commonly referred to as Clean Sheet by bettors.
The essence of the Clean Sheet bet is that you're betting on a team not allowing any goals throughout the entire match.
Understanding FB88 Clean Sheet bet:
Participating in Clean Sheet bets can lead to exciting scenarios. Bettors simply choose either the home or away team. The condition for winning or losing is based on whether the chosen team manages to keep a clean sheet, meaning they don't concede any goals throughout the match, including extra time.
After grasping the concept, many bettors may refer to it with names like "no goals conceded bet," "goalkeeper protection bet," or "no goals bet."
These terms encapsulate the nature of Clean Sheet bets. Only major bookmakers typically have the capability to organize Clean Sheet bets, as it requires substantial resources to offer such specialized betting options.
The process of offering Clean Sheet bets demands in-depth sports betting expertise. Participants simply choose one of the two options: the team expected to defend their goal well to place their Clean Sheet bet.
2. How to play Clean Sheet bet?
Understanding what Clean Sheet bet entails helps players grasp its purpose. However, selecting Clean Sheet bets isn't straightforward.
To enhance your chances of winning, bettors need to analyze match insights meticulously. Additionally, precise betting strategies at bookmaker sportif are crucial.
Participants in Clean Sheet bets need to identify teams with strong defensive capabilities. Ideally, Clean Sheet bets are suitable for matches between evenly matched teams.
Conversely, if there's a significant gap in defensive or offensive strengths between two teams, Clean Sheet bets might lose their appeal.
FB88 offers four different options for players to choose from. Based on personal analysis, bettors predict which team will not concede any goals throughout the 90-minute duration of the match.
The situations that may arise in Clean Sheet bets include:
Home – Yes: Betting on the home team to maintain a clean sheet throughout the 90 minutes of the match.
Home – No: Betting on the home team to concede goals during the match.
Away – Yes: Betting on the away team to successfully defend their goal throughout the 90 minutes of the match.
Away – No: Betting on the away team to concede goals during the match.
Principles of calculating Clean Sheet bet winnings:
Clean Sheet bets involve predicting whether a team will protect their goal from conceding any goals. Understanding this concept is crucial for determining the payout.
To calculate potential winnings or losses, you can apply the following formula:
X=A x Odds Fraction (Clean Sheet Odds)
X: Represents the amount won in Clean Sheet bets.
A: Represents the amount wagered on the Clean Sheet bet.
Clean Sheet Odds Fraction is derived from the Fractional Odds to ensure international consistency.
This breakdown should provide a comprehensive understanding of Clean Sheet bets and how to engage with them effectively.
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